About Scenario Wedding Company

As a trend setter we at Scenario have constantly shared the responsibility of our clients spreading the fragrance and warmth of hospitality all around.This brought us from a humble beginning of a wedding organising company to the present level of an event management company of repute, over a period of seven years, operating from the heart of Kerala, Kochi. Ours is a team of experts who ensure our strict adherence to international quality standards with prompt execution of each events as an ultimate celebration of the glorious moments of your life .All this within the prescribed budgetary limits in time without compromising the quality and aura of the event.WE are here to create the right ambience for your life's most memorable moments to begin with the gala n gaiety it deserves.

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How does an Indian Wedding Planner help you

EVENTS are ultimate celebrations with us . The ambience of exclusiveness we create make it as your signature. Everybody may cherish those as very personal moments with you for the rest of their life. The venue and the theme would never be seen as the same to feel its lively presence further again other than in their memories. BE it an emotional and personal event of your life or any other get-together parties with those who mattered OR a dramatic launching of a commercial venture /product presenting to an elite group of dignified people or prospective customers.

TODAY we have many joyful families and organization in our proud list of clientèle who are content and enjoy being part of a concept that truly cares and shares. OUR bouquet of several pioneering packages and services has enabled many to fulfil their aspirations beyond their expectations.


Meet our team

OUR TEAM consists of high end professionals specialised in visualising ,fine arts, engineering and management to meet every needs of the situations involve in recreating a 'make believe' atmosphere where glorious moments take shape as a catalyst of masterminds.
BE it a traditional theme or the most advanced cyber start up.

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WEDDINGS, product launches,award nights and fashion shows.........what ever may be the occasions , we have classic ideas to be remained in the minds of participants and guests with the real essence of the theme , for ever.OUR expertise may provide you the inputs to organise the event from the scratch to the final execution like the prepartion of the invitation letters to the final end of the event by standing at your side of thoughts and actions. SOMETIMES enticing and sometimes elusive for others..