Frequently Asked Questions

Scenario Weddings is a much sought after wedding planner in Kerala and ranked among the best in the country. Here are some quick answers from Scenario Wedding Planners to some FAQs.

What makes us rank top in your preference list is the expertise we exhibit as Wedding Planner and Corporate Events Planner. Usually it is in these areas where many facets go wrong. Sourcing the suppliers would be one  part of your planning, and on the other hand, time management would be another matter of concern. We have the right solutions. We are reputed for the professional styles and methods we use in planning each events.

Although we have our base in Kerala, we do have branches located at Bangalore & Tamil Nadu. We mostly function within the state, yet we are always ready to extend our services nationwide. We are also capable of organizing destination weddings in different locales throughout India as well.

Yes, via email, letter, over the phone or in person. If you are having a last minute panic and no-one else is awake to listen to your concerns, then make a call. We are always at your service to give you the proper instructions. We usually have a very busy schedule during the weekends, but if you leave us a message we will, of course, reply promptly.

We look after all the facets of a wedding, ranging from the initial planning stages to the final honeymoon packages. Our services include planning and coordinating weddings, corporate events management, invitation designing, stage decoration,  designer cakes, beach weddings, destination weddings, venue selection, transportation, accommodation, bridal make up, catering, wedding videography & photography, wedding surprises, entertainment and much more.

We provide travel facilities for the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding days. Our services include airport pick and drop as well as sight-seeing. Also, Scenario Wedding Company have got an extensive network with hotels and resorts, which makes it easy for us to arrange for group travel and accommodation.

Our team at Scenario respects all the religious beliefs of our clients and caters to whatever assistance they might need during the ceremony. We are capable of booking mandaps at temples and arrange for priests and masses at churches. Our team is also equipped to deal with designing required accessories for the event like having ring cushions, thaalams, manthrakodi baskets etc.

Our job is to cater to the client’s wishes and lay out plans within their budget. A wedding planner is not expensive because the services we provide are customized to fit your budget. During the initial consultation stage, we will draw you an estimated cost file according to your needs, including the destinations and venues. Once you finalize your budget, we work with more precision and provide you a more detailed quotation.

Of course. You can go through our testimonials before you consider hiring us. Also, if you are interested in talking with a past client, we would be happy to arrange that for you as well.