Website and Social Media

The wedding planners at Scenario Weddings know that the web space is turning into a major interface for couples who are planning their wedding. For the same, our web specialists can design, what we call, a custom-made wedding website for the couple where in the couple can post information and details about their wedding. Such a wedding website would be managed by the wedding planner with customized information from the couple.

Wedding website information can cover details such as :

  • Couple Information.
  • Online Invitation.
  • Guest Book.
  • Engagement and other photographs.
  • Venue Details.
  • Live Streaming Options

The main advantage of having a wedding website is that it can be a comprehensive interface for couples who are based abroad and who have guests flying in from various places. A wedding website can also give a personalized feel to the guests and will give them a chance to know the couple more closely.

Here is a snapshot of a wedding website that Scenario Weddings have done:

Stage decoration in Kochi
Stage decoration in Kochi